Kimi's Truths and Myths

Education on any level is key…  We are on a mission to educate the public on some myths in the flooring industry.
Lets start here. 60% off flooring sales and Free Installations.  As Regan stated there really is no such thing as a free lunch.  You have installers that come to your home, right… to install your flooring.  They are not doing this at no cost.  Where do they get their fees from?  How does a local retail have carpet pad that cost $0.33 but yet the 50 Empires big box stores have the same (or less quality) padding that cost $0.99 or more.  Well, the additional $0.66 is where they are charging for the labor/installation and not telling you this.
WE do not offer 60% off sales or free installation gimmicks, we do offer honest pricing, good workmanship and professional installation.  Give us their estimates and we will meet or beat their prices without these gimmick sales!
Lets take on one more “myth”.  We love our families.  We love our pets, our friends and our homes.  Why would you put flooring in your home that would cause you to become ill.  There are some companies out there that has given the flooring industry a very bad name.  Take a look at this one Liquidation place that sells Lumber and flooring has been linked to cancer causing agents:


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